Freezes in the engine

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


Recently I started to experience freezes in the engine itself, when I click on the buttons in the top menu (Scene, Project), the engine freezes for about 1 second, and the same freezes with the buttons in the node settings. This really pisses me off. I read posts about hangs, but they said that people use Tailmap with large sizes, but I don’t have it…
I also opened a project that has much less content and has exactly the same freezes. I also have a rather rare Intel ARC 770 video card, I recently updated the driver but I’m not sure what’s causing it. Please help me figure it out…

Same here. But, with UHD 605.
After deleting nodes or changing the chained script I keep getting errors in the program window.

Failed to create Windows OS window.
Failed to create sub window.
scene/main/window.cpp:566 - Condition “window_id == DisplayServer::INVALID_WINDOW_ID” is true.
platform/windows/display_server_windows.cpp:1022 - Condition “!windows.has(p_window)” is true. Returning: -1

I have no errors, it’s just that no matter how heavy the project is, the engine freez

I don’t exactly know why but I would suggest perhaps it might just be a problem on your side, perhaps if you something such as blender you could look if it has similar problems. If yes then it’s probably a problem on your side. If so maybe try and free up some space or so. Otherwise I don’t know as I haven’t had this problem.

It could have something to do with single window mode?

Do you also have this graphics card? I started the blender and everything was fine. The problem is that this problem appeared to me by accident, I didn’t install anything like that, but I’ll try to clean the disk because… About 800 GB are taken up by unnecessary games and files

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It’s funny, I didn’t expect this solution at all because… in the video, his tabs were just a little slow to open, but for me the whole engine just froze (for example, if character animation was turned on, it would also freeze)
thank you very much for helping, now I feel much more comfortable using the engine, good luck

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Glad it helped! Even happier that you’re going to continue using Godot!