Fun discussion: hook + punch weapon in roguelike

Hey friends,

Working on a roguelike (what can I say, I’m a trailblazer) and thought I’d share a weapon idea. Applause, gasps, criticism, suggestions - all welcome!

This is the starting weapon for a dad who is on a mission to save his family from . He shoots out a hook (very quickly) and pulls the first enemy he hits toward himself. On the way to the player, the hooked enemy pulls other enemies he flies by to towards the line/path traveled, so like a mild vortex/magnet field.

As the hooked enemy arrives near the player, the player automatically punches the enemy and sends it flying right back where it was pulled from (well, a little closer). As the punched enemy flies back, it hits and slightly knocks aside all enemies in its path.

Anyway - comments, suggestions, some tutorial I can watch that you think covers part of this, etc? :smiley:

I don’t generally like discussing unreleased features, but it’s Xmas week and such, gotta have some fun.


Sounds like a very fun ability, I’m curious if it would be more satisfying to pull them all to you in a big ball and punch them all. Or stick with your current idea and hit them with the other enemy like a bowling pin.

Either way, neat!