Game crashes after some time player from editor

Godot Version

v4.3.dev6.mono.official [89850d553]


I launch the game in editor and after some time of play it crashes. Always.
But I don’t know why. No messages in output or debugger. So it’s a bit of a mystery. How could I debug it in this case?

UPD: I managed to find logs. There is a message.

USER ERROR: FATAL: Index p_index = 0 is out of bounds (shapes.size() = 0).
   at: get_shape_transform (servers/physics_2d/godot_collision_object_2d.h:121)

How can I fix this? Also it’s a bit weird that this error message is not going to the editor output.

The error says some CollisionObject2D is missing the shape, check if you’re not deleting the shape of any physic object, if you can share your project i can look better.

Yes, I also found this. But unfortunately, there is no shape missing anywhere. Also, it would happen much earlier, if the shape was missing anywhere. The game is quite simple Vampire Survivor style game. And there are not so many scenes with collisions yet, as I am in the early stages of development. Also I make sure that I call queue_free() with call_deferred, to avoid some physics calculation issues.
So it must be something else, I guess. :frowning:
And I am sorry, unfortunately I don’t feel comfortable sharing the project.

No problem, but unfortunately without much more info will be hard to help, hope you can find the problem