Game Mechanics?


Hello all,

I am to the sort of person that like thing old-school it may be because of my age and things that appeal to me. But I really don’t like the idea of a double jump in games, but, my brother really does so in my attempt at a game I made a double jump as power up, otherwise I would not have included it at all.

Now, I am getting to “wall-jumping” something that I really want to include in my game, however, I am partial to ONLY having wall jumping between “walls” to get to a higher platform like a small chasm where you jump between the 2 walls to get to the top. I don’t think I would be able to go across horizontally with the collision detection, the way it is and my experience with Godot 4, but, my brother suggested having “wall-sliding” something I hadn’t considered.

So, which do you think is the better option “wall-jumping” only or “wall-jumping” w/ “wall sliding”? I think either option will be difficult with my skill level, I implemented a “ladder” and needed help in this forum to get it working correctly, but, I just want to hear what other people think.

Thankyou and Regards.

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I just realized that I might have misunderstood what was meant by the term “wall-sliding”, I thought it meant you jump to the wall and then stick there and move up or down the wall. When it could mean you jump to the wall and then slide down due to gravity. I should’ve looked at it more closely before asking the question.

this is probably what your brother is talking about

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Yes, it was!

I had found that tutorial and later found out that the ONLY way to implement it with:

  • is_on_wall()

is to use the arrow buttons to push into the wall to make the player stick/slide to the wall and to me that is unfeasible and frustrating to play with the keyboard like that especially if you want to jump to an opposing wall (which I don’t think would be possible with this method) - which eventually I will want to do.

So, I’ve had to leave that tutorial behind and trying RayCasting. I found an older tutorial on it Godot 3.5 and hopefully I will able to modify to work in 4.2.2 AND more importantly make it fit my code.