GD_ - a lodash port


I recently started a project

that ports Lodash into gdscript. For those of you unfamiliar with lodash, its basically a bunch of utility common utility functions in javascript that helps speed up in development.

Here’s an example of what it has.

# Map Example
var users = [
	{ 'user': 'barney', 'age':45},
	{ 'user': 'fred', 'age':44 }
], 'user');  # =>  ['barney', 'fred'], 'age');  # =>  [45,44]

it’s far from done and as of the time of this writing, it only has 53 of 272 functions implemented, but im intending to port as much of it as possible.

These utilities so far have been useful to me specially in prototyping stuff, so I hope it’ll help someone out there as well :slight_smile: