GDScript autocomplete stopped working

Godot Version

Godot 4.1.3.stable.official



I’m suddenly having a problem with godot autocomplete, where it won’t autocoplete any new function or variables. This only gets fixed after restarting or reloading the project. Which is unbearable.

I haven’t had this issue until now.

What is going on? How to fix this?


Godot 4.1.3.stable.official

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I would recommend updating to latest version of godot.

There are special cases where it might not auto complete.

  • Type isnt known
  • Error in current script
  • Error in instance script
  • Using self (for some reason never works)

Hey, the scripts are fine, everything works but only after restarting / rebuilding the project manually…

I tried updating to newest version, but unfortunatelly it didnt help :expressionless: