Get acces (chaning) variable of a class

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By FinFan

Hello gyus!
How I can get access to variables of class?

Some example:
I have class:

   class DataJutsu:
    	var id:int
    	var level:int
    	var type:int
    	var name:String
    	var descr:String
    	var chakra:int
    	var rank:String
    	var background:String
    	var element:String

Now i need to get acces to all class variables for next operation:

	for elem in self.get_property_list():
		elem = dict.values()[i] #setting a value to a class varaible

Where self = MyClass object.
If yu know java it something like reflections Field.get and Field.set

Thank you!