Get Audio Input using Windows WASAPI

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.dev3


Hi, I am trying to implement a spectrum analyzer into my app, which would work off of t an ‘AudioStreamPlayer’ with a Microphone as stream with the Windows WASAPI Drive set as the audio drive in the project settings. Despite entering “WASAPI” in the setting " ‘audio/driver/driver’, it still only shows the connected direct microphones.

func _ready():
    # Returns ["Default", "Mikrofon (3- ROCCAT Khan AIMO)", "Mikrofon (Steam Streaming Microphone)"]

Are you trying to use a virtual audio input?

The WASAPI audio driver is already the default (and only) Windows audio driver in Godot. You don’t need to override it in the project settings.

Yes, I am trying to get a loopback from an output device, just like you can in Audacity.