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I have different buttons. When I pressed the buttons I want to get the Button Node (self). The pressed signal has no parameters. How can I do this in Godot 4.2.1?
I tried to overwrite the signal, but it is not working:

	#button.emit_signal("pressed", button)
	#button.connect("pressed", myFunction)

func myFunction(node: Node):
	print("HEYHEYHEY ", node)

two ways to do this:

in the example below, i pass the node itself as an arg

extends Node2D
func _ready():
	var v_button : Button = find_child("Button2")
	v_button.pressed.connect(_button_pressed.bind(v_button, "Hello, world"))
func _button_pressed(a_button : Button, a_message : String):
	print("button name: ",, " message:", a_message)

above code was swiped from here → Godot: how to connect button signal via script - Stack Overflow

and if you didn’t know, you can add a script to button and overload _pressed()

extends Button

func _pressed():
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Thank you. I think the second solution is not working for me, because I have to do something else with the variable and not just print it. It seems I cannot access the variable from the other script with this.

But the first one works for me!

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