Get parent name of a button _on button_pressed()

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My root of buttons looks like that:
VBox → HBox → VBox (name in dict) → Label (displayed name), Button (yes), Button (no).
I created many VBoxes with names as keys in dictionary. I connected every Button on the same signal (_on_yes_pressed and _on_no_pressed).

  if key == "Button(yes)".get_parent().name: 
    dict[key] += 1.

The problem is Button(yes) has not been declared, I have no clue how signal should know which button is pressed.The buttons don’t carry any individual significance, so I don’t wanna attach script to each one. I just need a way to get_parent().name of the pressed button in the main script.

Sry I am an idiot. Instead of trying to get path, I should have added dict key into signal additional argument (String). NodePath for some reason did not behave.

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