Godot 3.4.3 has a little gap of mute in reproduce media - Linux(Fedora)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Cristian


I am a linux user, and switched from Kubuntu to Fedora. In Kubuntu Godot works flawlessly, but in Fedora has some issues.

If I am listening some media(web, desktop app): Music, Video. And using Godot at the same time (edit, config, reproduce the game), the media has some mute gaps. I’ve changed the VSync config, X11 to Wayland, KDE or Cinnamon, and the same result;

But, in Godot 4 alpha nor Unity have this issue.

I am using easyeffects for eq the audio.

  • But godot is in the blacklist.

If this is an issue with Fedora, I would suggest asking through Fedora’s support channels (Fedora discussion forum and the Fedora Discord channel may help).

Ertain | 2022-03-04 10:21