Godot 3 or 4 for commercial 2D games?

I’m someone who is going to start developing a 2D commercial game in Godot soon, is it a good idea to use Godot 3 or 4 for this?

I’m not asking “which one should I start with”, as I have been using Godot 3 for a while, but I’m thinking of going to Godot 4 to make the commercial game when I start development, but is Godot 4s’ 2D engine as good as Godot 3?

I’m hearing mixed stuff, and would like to know for sure which one I should use before i start development.

I’d stay with 3 for now. It’s been out longer and has fewer issues.

4 is coming along nicely though. Unless there is a feature you really need in 4, I don’t see the point in using it for commercial games at the moment.

You can always convert your project over later anyway.

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Godot 4. The problem with sticking to a older version of a game engine is that the longer you stick to that old version, the harder it is to convert it into the new version. Plus Godot 4 has way more better features.


I Agree with Arkinum, if Godot3 has everything you need, don’t take the risk of inheriting new bugs by upgrading to 4 unless there is some specific advantage you want from it.

Also adds unnecessary ramping time learning the changes from 3 to 4 as there are some breaking changes.

The documentation people wrote a page on this Upgrading from Godot 3 to Godot 4 — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

It’s a good read.

At this point, I’ll start with 4, by the time you reach mid-development it will be in a better state than 3.
Also all porting companies will pick you faster if you use 4 than 3 in case you want to publish in a closed platform.