Godot 3D Objects Not Showing on Android Phones

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When I select Renderer Mode: Mobile, the 3D objects in my Godot 3D game do not appear on the Android phone. Even if I just create a cube object, it does not appear on the game screen.

Android phone: Samsung Galaxy j7 Prime 2
Android 9

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Are you adding a Light3D like DirectionalLight for example and a WorldEnviroment with an Enviroment Resource to your scene?

Yes i added

Then try to reproduce the issue in a new project and open an issue here Issues · godotengine/godot · GitHub attaching that project and giving as much information as you are able (godot version, godot rendering method, mobile OS, mobile model,…)

i would expect it to be compatibility mode having the issue with texture missing, but somehow mobile too can get this?