Godot 4.2.2 .NET Editor hangs when opening Editor Settings or Project Settings

Godot Version

4.2.2 .NET (Windows 11)


In some projects, Godot Editor hangs when I try to open either Editor Settings or Project Settings (for some projects it’s the Editor Settings, for others the Project Settings).

By “hang” I mean the Settings window does not appear and I am unable to interact with the Godot Editor (I cannot click anything inside it), although I can resize/minimize the Godot Editor window (but not close it). At this point I must force quit by ending its Task via the Task Manager.

Here’s the link to a project that hangs when trying to open the Project Settings: Third Person Controller.zip - Google Drive

I understand this might be a bit vague, but I hope someone might look into it and find a solution.

Sorry in advance for this, I just want to try once more to see if somebody has any idea about my problem. Won’t do it again.

if i understand correctly, the editor settings/project settings window doesn’t appear and you are able to interact with other godot windows, such as the editor? I had this happen.

Thank you for your reply. Not exactly: I cannot interact with anything inside Godot, just resize and/or move the Godot window (but not close it - to do so I have to kill the process from the Task Manager)

unfortunately i dont know how to proceed. maybe there is cache to clear or something. i will bookmark this thread and download the project tomorrow. don’t get your hopes up but i will have a look. really sorry you are having bad luck.

ok, i had a look at your project. the project and editor settings opened without any issues for me

Thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it.

After your reply, I tried a few things, then I realized I forgot to mention I work with a laptop connected to a second screen. It turns out the Project Settings window opened but somewhere in an off-screen position. After detaching the second screen and trying again, Godot reset the window position so I was able to see it again.

Thank you again for your help!