Godot 4.2 create Debug Symbols and ReTrace file?

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Hello, want to know how to create the debug symbols and Retrace file for Google Play. When I upload the file it saids its missing those files. Any way to create them on the AAB file?

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Do you mean the ProGuard mapping files?

Playstore usually shows a link to more information, what exactly is it about?

I usually suffer a lot when they ask me that, because i have Google Console in Spanish. So here is an image of what they ask and the info description:

Files are Debug Symbols and Retrace, so yes, ProGuard files. Just need to know how to make Godot to generate directly on the AAB file, i have done that with Unity, but still don’t know how to do on Godot.

Here the warning I get with google translate:
There is no deobfuscation file associated with this App Bundle. If you are using obfuscated code (R8/ProGuard), you can upload a deobfuscation file to make it easier to analyze and debug ANR crashes and errors. Using R8/ProGuard can help reduce application size. More information:

This App Bundle contains native code, but you have not uploaded debug symbols. We recommend that you upload a symbols file to facilitate analysis and debugging of ANR errors and crashes. More information

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Hey @PapayaConLimon I’m having your same problems when uploading my app made with Godot. Have you found a solution on how to add debug symbols and/or deobfuscation file to the AAB file?

at the end i decided to upload with the issues, still no solution found for this issue. No documentation or anything for this subject, so i have to live with the warning.