Godot 4 CI/CD export step by step guide

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I need a full CI/CD export step by step guide to export Godot to apk. I tried myself but I am failed.

Here is my project: GitHub - UnderGamer05/Godot-Export: Godot Export Test 1

When I run GitHub action it showing this error:

ERROR: Cannot export project with preset "Android" due to configuration errors:
  Invalid Android SDK path in Editor Settings.Missing 'platform-tools' directory!
  Unable to find Android SDK platform-tools' adb command.Please check in the Android SDK directory specified in Editor Settings.

I think the error is quite clear, you need the android sdk on your server that runs GitHub action.

I found this.

Actually I don’t know how to setup this. Can you please tell me how I can setup this on this project?

Sorry, I’m not a GitHub action expert.