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When I hover my mouse over anything, such as a node, a small tooltip window pops up with a brief description of what that thing is. My problem is that there is a giant icon of a microphone, and another icon of a circle blocking the words of any description. I figure it is supposed to be some sort of accessibility text to speech feature. I have tried to look through the settings but I can’t seem to find anything referring to it.

it’s tooltip, if you want for the node to show something, anything that stop the mouse input will make the tooltip not showing


That has nothing to do with Godot. It’s part of a Nvidia program. Here’s how to disable it nvidia geforce experience - How to remove/hide this overlay Icon in League of Legends? - Arqade


WELP that explains how I couldn’t find anything for it in Godot’s settings. Thank you so much<3

For future reference, this is now documented on the Troubleshooting page thanks to Document disabling NVIDIA ShadowPlay overlay in Troubleshooting by Calinou · Pull Request #9028 · godotengine/godot-docs · GitHub.

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