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How do I export/import properly from Blender to Godot(.blend/.gltf files)?

I´m relatively new to Godot and Blender. For my little Hexganon map example in Godot I have created a scene in Blender:

A grass hexagon, basically a hexagon shape with a particle filter on it which creates hair. I added the physics filter “Wind” and “Turbulence”, the latter moving via keyframes. I put Material on the hair and now I have a grass tile with moving grass on it.

But how can I import to Godot? When I import the .blend- file in Godot then there is only the blank hexagon wihtout Hair or Material on it… The same when I import.gltf file.
In Godot tree I can see the blender scenes structure like the meshes and the animationplayer for example, but it won´t do anything, the animation is running but nothing happening.

What can I do? Did I do sth wrong in Blender or do I import it the wrong way??