Godot Editor Camera

Hello, long time dev but Godot novice here.

I find the editor camera controls very clunky and I’m wondering how to change them to a better configuration. Or if it’s possible?

I’m working in 3D and my main issues so far are:

  • The camera speed when panning while using hotkeys is so slow that the movement is nearly imperceptible. Is there a speed setting somewhere I’m missing?

  • Using the hotkey to “shift to pan” is quite clunky. It disables the other camera controls. Ideally I’d like to bind this camera pan to a single mouse key.

Is it possible to rebind editor camera keys and adjust camera speed?

Thanks for your time.

Yes, take a look at Editor > Editor Settings.

In the Editors/3D find the Navigation and Navigation Feel sections. Adjust these values to your hearts content.

Additional keybindings are found in the Shortcuts tab.

Also there is a Freelook mode activated by pressing “Shift+F” while the 3D Spatial Editor is focused.

This lets you fly around with WASD keys. Hold shift to speed up, alt to slow down.

Lastly, make sure your objects aren’t too big.

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Thanks for the help. Tweaking the values helped out quite a bit. Appreciate it!