Godot editor gets laggy after a graphic card upgrade

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My Godot editor gets laggy after a graphic card upgrade, anyone knows why and how to fix it?


I recently upgraded my computer`s graphics card from a GTX 980 to RTX 3060Ti, after the upgrade my Godot editor get laggy and really unresponsive, like it takes about half a second to popup the window when creating a new animation for a AnimationPlayer, everything else is slower than before. After I swap back to the old GPU, the problem goes away. I checked my CPU and RAM, nothing is different, even changed my power supply to a batter one, but the problem still exist. What make it even worse is that Godot 4.3-Beta2 wont launch in my computer after the upgrade.

Searching for clue for days now and noting found, could really use some help.

My computer details are as follow:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
RAM: 32G@3600 MHz
Graphic: RTX 3060 Ti
System: Windows 11 professional 23H2

Did you upgrade your graphics drivers after installing the new card?

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I did, the problem still exist.