Godot Engine's Future

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Kitaguchi

※Sorry, Bad English.
I hope the new version of this engine can do the following.
・C++ Support in earnest.
・C++ can write Visual Studio Code.
・and other script (Javascript etc.)

There’s GDNative. Adding another script would be unnecessary as of now and using visual studio would also be unnecessary. GDScript can access properties and other features in godot (groups, signals, etc). The only downside is a slightly lower frame rate when using GDScript for bigger projects.

Magso | 2019-06-27 19:43

Is there a question you have? This section of the documentation might be what you are looking for: Scripting — Godot Engine (3.1) documentation in English

Kaligule | 2019-06-29 08:57