Godot game on a Website within organization

Hi there

I’m an absolute beginner who wants to use Godot to create a quiz game for my master thesis which will be used by people within an organization for learning/training purposes. Two questions:

  • The game should be accessible in a web page in the end. What are prerequisites so anyone within the organization can use it by simply clicking a link? Would they still have to download anything or is a browser Chrome/Edge/Firefox etc. and internet access sufficient?

  • If Godot would not be free anymore one day - would I completely loose this project (unless the fees are paid of course) and hence no one from the organization could use it anymore? Or would this only affect future projects?

Thank you guys in advance for your support!

In Godot 4.0 (until 4.3) the site hosting your web game will require “Shared Array Buffer” access, a lot of HTTP servers do not provide this header, but itch.io does. Thats the biggest compatibility hitch I belive you’ll hit. Might be worth using a pre-release of 4.3 or downgrading to 3.x

On licensing, what ever version of Godot you use today is free and open source forever. One could change the license and try tacking on fees, but the community would simply keep developing the free and open source variant. Games exported do not phone home and have no functionality to disable itself.