Godot Multiplayer simplest form to share variables between players

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I am trying to make an online multiplayer board game in godot, just to play with family and friends (1 server at a time). I have looked online for godot multiplayer, but everything seems too complicated for what I am trying to do; essentially just have a server with the back-end, and clients see necessary information. What is the best way to do this?

I’m not exactly sure, as I haven’t used Godot’s multiplayer system, but this might help.

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And multiplayer isn’t easy

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Since your game doesn’t sound time sensitive. I would use the “watch” setting to reduce bandwidth.

RPC annotations can also make it easy in certain situations. But it all really depends on how you setup the data model.

MultiplayerSpawners can replicate the node instances , when clients join, easy as well. As it seems players will come and go this can be helpful.

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