Godot touchscreen button not working in phone

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I’m having this very annoying problem in godot. My touchscreen buttons are working completely fine in pc but not in my phone when i export it into apk. I have 5 touchscreen buttons. 4 are working fine but one isn’t. The one that isn’t working is set as is_action_just_pressed() , i checked if it works if i remove the just but it still isnt.

try this:

Method Descriptions

bool is_pressed ( ) const

Returns true if this button is currently pressed.

found this in docs for touchscreenbutton

Which version are you using exactly? 4.0 or already 4.2.1? Can you share your project on Google Drive? Then I might be able to debug it if I can reproduce it.

I actually later fixed this problem. So basically i had a script that was instancing a scene when i clicked the button but turns out the scene was corrupted however it was working fine in the pc but couldnt enter the scene or edit it when i tried so i remade the scene. Still dont know why it got corrupted

I know of some error messages on Github where the project files were occasionally destroyed or could not be written correctly. The project was in a OneDrive folder. I could well imagine that the files are blocked during cloud synchronization or by Windows Defener / virus software.

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