Godot won't open upon launch, console output shows nothing

Godot doesn’t show anything when I run it. It shows up in Task Manager but I don’t see any boxes on my screen to indicate that running the program did something. My mouse cursor spins for a few seconds and the process seemingly hangs, sitting at around 12 MB of memory usage in Task Manager. I have an i5-8600K and a GTX 1060 6 GB if that helps. I can open Godot on two different Windows laptops, just not on my desktop PC. Are there any troubleshooting methods I can use?

Godot Version: 4.2.1
Windows 11

Just to be clear, you are running it by typing the executable path/name in the windows terminal, right?

No, I am running Godot by double clicking it in File Explorer. When I open the “console” version that comes in the ZIP, nothing shows in the output. When looking for troubleshooting methods, I’ve seen threads that say to show the console output.