Going From Unity to Godot complete newb - need help

Hi I’ve had a quick scout and I’ve found a few posts on unity but not specifically on what I’m about to ask, if there are forum posts already like what I’m about to ask then I do apologize and please point me in that direction…

I am a hobbyist who would like to become an indie game dev someday, but with that said at the moment I have casually over the past few years followed many unity tutorials and got reasonably good with C#

After last years unity license fee shit show I’m looking at alternative engines and I’m curious to see if Godot is good for my specific needs.

My intention is to make F2P casual mobile games including Infinite Runners and hyper casual games.

Now I’m aware Godot supports C# and can be used for both 2D and 3D games, however this leads me to the following questions.

  1. Is Godot good for making monetizable mobile games?

  2. I’ve heard using C# in godot is quite limited compared to using GDscript is this true?

  3. Is there a different engine you’d recommend for my use case if so what and why?

I’d love to hear the experience of any other former or current unity devs who use Godot.

With that said this is already getting quite long and thanks in advance for any responses.

Godot is good and easy to use, yes Godot is good for mobile games and it will be better if you learn gdscript


C# is only limited in resources and documentation. Although the documentation website does its best to share both GD Script and C# code side by side it still doesn’t quite get you all the way. I’m somewhat new to programming although I’ve known the basic concepts for over 10 years. I chose C# in Godot because C# is a more widely used language in general.

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Thanks why will it be better if I learn gdscript?

Gdscript is the primary language for Godot, and therefore is more accessible. You will have fewer bumps in the road during the learning process if you start out with gdscript. All significant Godot tutorials and examples use gdscript.

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No, this is not true. If you are a good c# programmer you’ll easily overcome any unexpected gotchas.

I am sorry actually Learning gdscript is not necessary, many developers use C# for Godot.

documentation is mostly fine. most everything is straightforward. in gdscript we have add_child(sprite2d) and in c# it is AddChild(_sprite2D). most of the time the documentation has a c# tab. and if you are stuck, ctrl+click a class to view its metadata.

when it comes to mouseover tooltips/summaries godot does a good job. for example:

		// Summary:
		//     Z index. Controls the order in which the nodes render. A node with a higher Z
		//     index will display in front of others. Must be between Godot.RenderingServer.CanvasItemZMin
		//     and Godot.RenderingServer.CanvasItemZMax (inclusive).
		//     Note: Changing the Z index of a Godot.Control only affects the drawing order,
		//     not the order in which input events are handled. This can be useful to implement
		//     certain UI animations, e.g. a menu where hovered items are scaled and should
		//     overlap others.
		public int ZIndex { get; set; }

So Godot c# is close to or is as stable/has the same features available as GDscript?

give or take, yes. c# is far more capable than gdscript, so that makes up for any shortcomings. also working in an IDE such as visual studio is beneficial.

here is a thread i posted where i give an example where c# is not on the same level as gdscript.

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