Google Play Services sign in error code 4

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Vladimir

I used this plugin for Godot 3.3:

I upgraded tp 3.3 version by this tutorial:

When I try to sign in, a have sign failed by error code 4.

How to solve this problem?

I use this one: Releases · oneseedfruit/PGSGP · GitHub
If it is from a release export make sure you use the same SHA-1 in the OAuth (matches the SHA-1 fingerprint in the release keystore). Same for a debug export.
Also make sure you have published your Play Games Services configuration in your Developer Console.

Rezer | 2021-05-28 00:06

Hey I’m getting this error too.

Did you find a solution?

Sawyer | 2021-07-21 17:20