Graphics Stuttering when Running Game?

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.2


Just a quick question. I noticed that when I run the game, a 2D platform attempt at a game, that anything that hasn’t been creating with the tileset seems to stutter whenever the “hero” is moved. At first I thought it was because I had used an animatable sprite for the platforms, but, when I added staticbody2D hazards that it really became apparent. It looks alright but after the hero is finished moving there is the stutter and it happens every single time. Doesn’t seem to occur with vertical movement only horizontal

Can anyone account for what is happening and better yet a way to fix it?

As always here is a big thankyou in advance!

I think I may have figured this out quite by accident when editing the region for the graphics I wanted to use as a sprite, somewhere else in the game. I should haven been told the use “pixel snap” or “grid snap” feature :rage:. This seemed to fix one of the problem areas - haven’t had time to see it fixes the other problem areas yet.

Here hoping :pray:.

Yep, it fixed it all right.

No, thanks to the tut that didn’t mention that :rage: :rage: :rage:.