Gravity lift/air vent type object

Godot Version

godot 4


been trying to find out how to create an object that would lift/launches the player (or any object) into the air similar to halo gravity lifts or air vents in other games (example the air vent in the sewers of sonic adventure). i would think this would be a common enough object/game element that there’d be an easy to find tutorial on it but i have found none.

You can use an Area2D/3D to detect what is inside and give it acceleration upwards either directly for regular objects or using a force function for physics objects.

ok looking at the area3d in documentation i see there’s the overlapping_area methods but trying those i dont get a detection. unless im using it wrong which is highly likely.


Make your tree similar. Put a Shape into the CollisionShape3D node. Make sure any other areas are similar. Get the collision layers etc. going. Setup the signals and try again.