Gravity-overriding Area2D keeps overriding Rigidbody2D's gravity when its collision shape is disabled

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By choco

I have an Area2D that overrides gravity with point gravity. This Area2D is attached to the player character, so it is moved around, and its collision shape can be enabled or disabled by the player. When a Rigidbody2D enters the gravity area, the area attracts the Rigidbody2D to its (0, 0) coordinate (and thus to the player character).

The problem is that, if the Area2D’s collision shape is disabled while a Rigidbody2D is inside the area, the Rigidbody2D keeps its overridden gravity. In fact, after doing this, the Rigidbody2D never recovers its default gravity, and no matter how far it is from the character, it keeps following it around.

I have been playing with the area override settings, but nothing seems to work.