Gridmap load mesh problem. tiles are huge on import (Solved), collision shapes missing.... (not Solved)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By bingbong

Been following this tutorial,

but when I get to 26.55 in, loading the saved gridmap node meshlibrary, the tiles have scaled waaay up (x2 on the X,Z and x5 ( maybe more) on the Y), and after placing the tiles I discovered that the collision shapes have gone too, so the cars dont bash into the kerb.

Gone back several times and redid this bit from scratch but still the same result.
Not sure whats wrong, followed the tut exactly up to here.


Ok, an odd one…

Seems that if you play around with the SCALE of the original mesh in Blender, even though the altered mesh exports fine (scale and vertex moving), and imports into Godot as its own scene fine, if its added to a MeshLibrary and used in the Gridmap node, it goes back to respecting the ORIGINAL scale from the blender object. Answer, dont play around with the scale in blender!! Not sure if this is the case from other 3D apps…

However, the collision shapes still dont follow into the MeshLibrary, so this bits NOT solved. Pretty much cant follow anymore on the tutorial until this ones solved!

Help! Still!

bingbong | 2019-09-04 23:29