GridMap override set_cell_item

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For my Project it was useful to override the builtin Function set_cell_item of the GrdiMap.
However, i decided to start again, to clean up my code and maybe spot some error, but in the new project (same Godot version) Godot grumbles, that i’m not allowed to override and i checked with a print function it also dont work

i also tried a seperate script on a seperate GridMap in the same project and there it works fine, at least some time then again not

of course i could just use _process but then every frame and every cell gets calculated and with set_cell_item only when i press and the cell where i press

my Assumption is that there is somewhere a setting which i dont know, but if someone knows a better way to get that impuls and data (position;item) i would be very grateful if you could explain to me

Ok, solved it, as soon as i said to Godot, dont remind me of that:

func set_cell_item(_cell,_item,_orientation): print([_cell,_item])

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