Having issues with unpausing game and unhiding rich text label after using await

Godot Version

Godot engine v 4.2.1


having trouble with unpausing my game, this is the script for a textbox, its being sent a signal from the player character and on that signal I’m intending for it to display the text while pausing the game, awaiting the player to press space again, whereupon it’s supposed to hide the textbox and unpause the game.
it seems godot is reading and attempting to execute these commands, given that i get no error and a print command gets executed when placed before after and between the problem-commands in question.

extends RichTextLabel
signal pressed_space

func _ready():
	process_mode = Node.PROCESS_MODE_ALWAYS #telling the nodes with this script to Always process no matter if game is paused or not

func _input(event):
	if event.is_action_pressed("interact") :

func boxshow(boxtext):
	get_tree().paused = true #makes the whole node tree endter a Paused state
func boxhide():
	get_tree().paused = false  ##THIS IS THE PROBLEM AREA
	set_visible(false)         ##THIS IS THE PROBLEM AREA

func _on_player_2d_textbox_signal(text_from_interactable):
	await pressed_space

So you’re saying boxshow works (the text is changed to text_from_interactable), but boxhide doesn’t (the label isn’t hidden after you press space)? Despite the code in boxhide actually being executed (as proved by your print statements)?

I can’t reproduce this. Your code works fine for me.

hm, it might help too know about the
node tree,

the code belongs to the rich textbox and the signal comes from player 2d, if there is any other things that would be helpful to know just tell me

i found the problem, it turns out i was just dumb.
since my character is not allowed to move it stays in the interaction area of the object it is interacting, so in the same click that stops the interaction, it is immediately restarted, pausing the game once more, hence the print command working all the while the game is still paused and the textbox still visible