Health UI not following camera when attached to CanvasLayer

i think you should put the canvas layer to the player that’s moving, where the camera also keep track where the player is

reset the main parent position back to 0,0

Okay i reset the position. Also, I tried moving the Canvas Layer with the UI inside the player tree, but it didn’t change anything. Except when the player dies, the Hearts are removed with the Player.

if the settings for the main parent of health ui and its child are true, right now the health bars should be on top left. can you show me the inspector editor for the main parent ui?


now that’s weird, did your code has something to do with the position?

Ok, i don’t know whats happening now. I just had someone download the GoDot project and play on their computer and it worked. Everything was in the top left. Does that tell you more about the problem I am having?

restart your godot?

Im so confused. That also didn’t work!