Hello ! How big a world can be and how would you make it !

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By purple_mage

Hello. for now i have a flat world and few object that i did place … how would you do a big scene like a little village . would you make it with object imported in godot then make it in the editor . or would you import everything at once ? Or maybe juste import the plane mesh to make the ground and import unique object one per one with everything and making the village in the editor ? Hope its not a dumb question. I just wanna know how you would do ! Thanks

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Rubin

If I understood correctly, it depends on the context.

You may want to use a modelling software like Blender to model each specific house of the village, import them to Godot and instance them into your scene, positioning each house where you see fit.

You may also want to model the whole village in Blender and only then import it into Godot.

You may also want to consider modelling a less detailed version of the village to test its layout before modelling a high detailed version of it.

i say village but it just an exemple . Testing with low poly model is a good idea… for the ground … would you just use a deformed plane mesh made in blender o_o? Or can you do them in godot.

purple_mage | 2023-04-01 19:52

openai say that theres is a terrain editor but i dont find it lol

purple_mage | 2023-04-01 20:07

I’ve never used terrain editor in Godot, so I’m not sure, but you can do it in Blender, import it into Godot and create a collision mesh out of it.

Rubin | 2023-04-01 20:14

thanks . Its a pain to load and reload mesh when i update my model QQ . Hope that will find how to do it right. Thanks for awsering

purple_mage | 2023-04-01 20:22