Help conceptualizing multiplayer with multiple rooms

I’m attempting to build a 2D multiplayer game using a dedicated server. Players join and are put into lobby, where they can match up against another waiting player by clicking a “Join” button next to the other player’s name.

What I would like to do is allow for multiple 1-1 matches to be played simultaneously, but I am clearly not doing something right, and so would like some help thinking about how this should be structured.

Current setup: I have one main scene that handles displaying the lobby and then the “match”.

Scene Tree:

     (various nodes for the lobby UI)
     (instantiated match scenes as they are needed, see below)

match.tscn scene tree:


where the MultiplayerSpawner’s spawn_path is the Players node, and I have the two player scenes (there are two characters to choose from) set for the auto spawn list.

My current thought is that I don’t want to be spamming all connected users with multiplayer syncing for every room, but only for the room that they are currently apart of. So to achieve that, I have put a multiplayer spawner in each “Match” scene, but I’m getting a lot of “node not found” errors in the editor debugger for the clients (not seeing any errors on the server). Looking at the remote node list for each of the clients, it seems the opponent client in the match is not getting instantiated into their scene tree, and so when the server tries to sync properties, it can’t be found. My confusion here though is that I thought that the server was supposed to handle instantiating those other peer nodes via the MultiplayerSpawner node?

Here is the project if anyone wants more details, I’m afraid there is too much to post here to get the full picture of what is going on: GitHub - e-e/adri-jack-game

Thank you in advance