Help! Im dum and cant attach my code to Godot forms

Hi I’m new to Godot and recently started suing the godot forms and I just had a quick question

i just cant quite understand how to attach my code
ive been trying to figure it out by pressing random buttons but nothing seems to work

so it would be nice if someone could just help me out with that

Or do you mean attach it here? As in uploading? In that case you press the little up arrow in the bar above the text which says “upload”

i mean like linking or attaching my code to the godot forms instead of just copy and pasting it and it being very difficult describing everything
so i can better ask questions and what not
i don’t know if its because I’m just dum but i just kind find out how to do that

You can’t link it as such, but to make it look good you use three backticks, these things `

So you get:

func _foo():
    # Indented!

Like this:

func _foo():
# Indented
(Note that the spaces before the comment don’t show up here, but I hope you see what I mean)

wait how did you do that with your code?

You copy and paste it between those three tics “```”

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thanks a lot :slight_smile:

i cant really express my gratitude through a bunch of text but thanks a lot


You can also copy and paste your code into the text area, then select it with the mouse, and press this button:

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