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Alright so I’m working on a game for a game jam. I was testing it out on and when I downloaded it from there and tested it, my computer thought it was a virus.
I’ve also tried export it to web and playing it on but I got some errors and it wouldn’t let me play.
Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Godot 4 has some issues with web, i recommend you port you game to Godot 3 or try Godot 4.3.dev6

For the web version: Make sure that shared array buffer support is enabled on itch io. Also feel free to share the errors you get here, maybe we can help.

For the download: the official export templates should not be detected as a virus as they are signed. However anything that changes their signature will invalidate the signing. This includes stuff like custom export templates, including an icon in the executable, or embedding the pck into the executable. In those cases you would need to sign the executable by yourself, which is out of scope for a game jam. I’d suggest just using an official export template with default settings. Also keep in mind that windows may still show some warning (like “This file came from the internet and the file type is dangerous, are you sure you want to run it?”). These can usually be clicked away by the user as “I accept the risk” kinda things. It’s hard to get rid of those, they usually come from smart screen. The most reliable way is to buy a OV or EV signing cert, but that’s expensive and out of scope for a game jam, especially as they cost money and still take time to apply. Another option is to submit the app to Microsoft malware analysis, but that can also take quite some time to have a result.


I would not recommend backporting at the end of a gamejam :sweat_smile:


That might be the problem as I tried to set an icon, let me see if it fixes it.

Thanks alot, all I had to do was enable shared array buffer and it worked.

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