Help needed in making a god!

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godot version 4.2


hi guys I am extremely honoured to be a part of this beautiful community I dont know you but for sure I LOVE YOU ALL !!
the heading sounds like something Kanye would say but really I want to become the best in godot (2d atleast) I have made 4 projects 3 with tutorials and 1 by myself a stress relieving game(very basic). tell me how you would start from here my goal is that have a lot in my mind but want to convert them to game tell me how you would approach in my situation

Welcome to the forums! I’m very new to Godot myself, so can’t really give you any Godot specific advise. I have however been a software developer for ~20 years, so can give some general advise.

Firstly, every one is different. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean its going to work for you. Listen to your peers and those with more experience, but just because they have more experience doesn’t mean their advice will work for you.

With that out the way, these are some things I’d suggest.

Keep building games, a.k.a learn by doing. Repetition will help you remember concepts and allow you to focus on new ideas and problems.

Build on top of your existing ideas and games. Focusing on one new feature or problem is easier than building something completely new each time. For example, if you built a simple platformer, try building a platformer that has large levels requiring you to learn how to dynamically load the correct parts of the level.

Don’t get discouraged, creating games is hard! There are many things involved in creating a polished game, design, programming, art, music, QA, etc , etc. These are different jobs (likely with some cross-over) in professional game studios. So don’t try and learn them all at once.

Teaching is one of the best ways to learn. This forum is a great place to start helping others for example. You don’t need to wait until you are an “expert” to start contributing.

I hope this helps a little and good luck with your journey!

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I work by writing a bullet point document with my ideas and then expand them as I add detail. This way any ideas I have don’t get lost.

Then I can look at what I don’t know and work through everything a piece at a time.

But exactly as the other poster said, learn by doing.

Making a god is easy, I’ve made several. You just extend Resource and then add variables such as the god’s name, preferred offerings, and path to the binding seal.

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appreciate you man for spending your time replying to me will surely work upon my ideas but just that I feel a lot guilty as I take a lot of tutorial help instead I feel I should learn the entire thing someway do all this myself but your comment makes me feel better thank you man