[Help] Playing sounds from AnimationPlayer

Godot Version



So, I may just misunderstand how the AnimationPlayer is working here, but I’m stumped atm…
I’m a trying to call different actions at a specific time during an animation; specifically changing graphics and playing a sound file. I’ve set up an animation player where at each 0.1 sec intervall something happens, and the Player calls a pause() on itself; I then forward via script to the specific timecode I want to play.
For sounds, this all works fine, if I use different AudioStreamPlayers per different sound, and stop() / play() them accordingly. But when I try to do that by changing an AudioStreams properties via the AnimationPlayer, only the first sound gets played, the rest do not. (see screenshot below, that might be more descriptive).
Am I just misunderstanding how the AnimationPlayer calls properties and functions, or am I missing something?