Help With Animation

Godot Version



I need help with adding animations to my topdown RPG. I thought that this would work but it doesn’t. PLease show me correct code.

extends CharacterBody2D

@onready var animations = $AnimationPlayer
@export var speed: int = 50

func handleInput():
	var directionMove = Input.get_vector("ui_left", "ui_right", "ui_up","ui_down")
	velocity = directionMove*speed
func updateAnimations():
	var directionAnim = "Down"
	if velocity.x < 0: directionAnim = "Left"
	elif velocity.x > 0: directionAnim = "Right"
	elif velocity.y < 0: directionAnim = "Up""walk" + directionAnim)
func _physics_process(delta):

Where you call updateAninations? Because i don’t see you call it anywhere

Thank you. I’ll try. :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: