Help with the generation of the world

Godot Version

v4.3.dev6.official [89850d553]


I’ve tried everything, nothing works. Help!

Please be more specific. For example: what have you tried? Which problems do you expeience?


I’ve been watching videos on how to generate the world. I searched on GitHub and found nothing for my version. I used AI, it didn’t help me either. I do everything on the phone. and I use the minimum requirements of the project. and I can’t write in c#, only in gdscript.

I made a tutorial on 2d infinite world generation with biomes + objects + destroy able blocks, watch it

I certainly liked the result. but can you please show me how to do it in 3d. you can do “compatibility” with the renderer. just with the “forward+” renderer, it doesn’t work.

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Do you working in mobile? If not, then use voxel tool, a Godot build

I work on a mobile phone. with very low graphics.

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Hmm, so you can follow my YouTube channel, I will make a proper tutorial on it

Good. I wanted to today, but okay. I’ve been looking for information for 3 days now.

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Hmm… wait, can you add the FastNoiseLite world generation to the file? additional information:Помогите с созданием генерации мира quick link to the file:

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Yeah, A world generation needs noise I think I not understand what you want to say

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In short, I need something like this:

Why to not download the project files? He given in the description otherwise I will create a tutorial on it

I tried to migrate the project to a new version, and… damn. I messed up somewhere. maybe something broke somewhere in the code. I’ll try to fix it somehow.

Ok and soon I will create a tutorial on it

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of course you can, but, bro, you won’t believe it, I did it, one project started working anyway. Link: Thanks bro for the help.

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