Hi, friends! How to approach game development with Godot Engine

Hi friends! Krizzirk here.

I enjoy making stories and worldbuildings. But as much as I enjoy its process, I struggle in doing so with regards to game developing. I have always fancied and wanted to make roleplaying games. After brief stints with RPG Maker, it suddenly dawned on me that I think rpg maker is kinda restricting and would be having me charting dangerous ground of unwise time management for so long, that I frequent the thoughts and desires to make my own game engine.

So, uh, with that in mind, I have few questions.

Is it plausible for me to make my own RPG-maker-like engine through Godot Engine for commercial and non commercial usage, one, and two, how should I start learning programming. I understand that programming is to syntax as how English is to grammatical error. Or I could be wrong, I’m absolute beginner.
Third, obviously I need to make game first before making my own game engine. So, I think I’m going to experiment making game like Pokemon as a start. What do you think? How should I fare yet? Thanks!

Very possible, in fact this has been done and you can get it on Steam. It’s basically RPG Maker, with Voxel, built using Godot 3.

The demo has all the features (just smaller map size),

I remember someone saying in how to get started in doing Pixel Art… Start with small canvas, smallest you can ever think of, with smallest selection of colors, drawing simplest thing you could think of. 4bit, 8bit, 16bit. Starting with 64bit pixel art character right off the bat with hundreds of colors will overwhelms you. So take it easy and start by making a Pong


Thank you for sharing this info!

Alright, break em all down into manageable small chunks, thanks

You should have a look at the official Godot demo projects.

Particularly this one may interest you:

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There’s actually huge numbers of demo projects, thank you for notifying me that!


Wow I didn’t know such a demo was exist! That’s cool!