How can I choose which scene to render?

Godot Version


Hi. I am trying to make a Starter menu for my first game. The game scene gets rendered first and the UI scene does not show up. The game scene should show up when the player is clicking the player button(already coded).

Summary: I need help with getting the UI scene to render or load first.

I can share a picture of the game tree if that is needed.

You can configure which scene opens when your game starts in the project settings. Here’s a screenshot from my miscellaneous test project:

Thanks! Really helped me out! Have spent like 3 hours trying to figure it out!

And, btw, do you know if I have to clone the player node for every level? I use every level as a diffrent scene.

Save your player node as its own scene (right click → save branch as scene), and instantiate it in each level. That way, changes to your player scene will take effect in all levels.