How can i find inherited scripts from mother class in the search bar?

When i search for “Effect” i only see this:

Is there anything that would let me show all it’s inherited scripts like Poison, Burn, Resistance … ?

If you give all the inherited scripts a class name, they’ll show up as a child of effect in the Create New Node window there.

That’s weird. I don’t see the inherited classes. I do actually have a class_name on them but don’t see it like that. Maybe it’s something i can change in the settings…

EDIT: Ho wait, that’s because you used “effect” in the name. Well i guess i should name them with “Effect” at the end too. That would make sense and help me find those nodes faster.

Your are right!
I actually didn’t noticed it until you pointed it out.
I guess the search bar can’t show inherited nodes after all.

This could be a good usability feature to add for the future. To be able to show child notes from the searched nodes.

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