How can i insert image texture inside the text in button?

Version: 4.2.1.

I learn this video , but I didn’t find it a node “CanvasItemShaderGraph”. Well, video published in 2016, or in newer version deleted node or teacher used something addon.
Also tried to create in this way: transparency mask . I written off code, but I can’t find place for paste texture.
Also asked in ChatGPT, answer:

  1. Creating texture and text: - Create texture and text inside the GODOT.

    • Download the texture to the project resources.
    1. Create a mask:
    • Create a new CanvasItem node in the area where you want to display text with texture.
    • Add two child nodes to CanvasItem: one for text and the other for texture.
    • Set the text inside the node so that it is exactly where you want to see the texture.
    • Add the texture to the knot with the texture and set its size and position so that it exactly corresponds to the text area in the text node.
  2. Application of the mask:

    • Create a new CanvasModulate node and add it as a subsidiary to your CanvasItem node, where text and texture are located.
    • Install the texture knot as texture for CanvasModulate.
    • Set the color of CanvasModulate to pure white (255, 255, 255) so that the texture is not changed.
  3. Working with transparency:

    • If your texture has transparent areas, make sure you use an image format with alpha channel support (e.g. PNG).
    • In the texture properties graph, set the “Modulate” parameter to a translucent value so that the transparent texture areas remain transparent.

Maybe i do something incorrectly and don’t know what where are they.