How can i stop the text from scrolling from down to up? it's basically a credits scene

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By zaak01

func _process(delta):
var scroll_speed = base_speed * delta

if section_next:
	section_timer += delta * speed_up_multiplier if speed_up else delta
	if section_timer >= section_time:
		section_timer -= section_time
		if credits.size() > 0:
			started = true
			section = credits.pop_front()
			curr_line = 0

	line_timer += delta * speed_up_multiplier if speed_up else delta
	if line_timer >= line_time:
		line_timer -= line_time

if speed_up:
	scroll_speed *= speed_up_multiplier

if lines.size() > 0:
	for l in lines:
		l.rect_position.y -= scroll_speed
		if l.rect_position.y < -l.get_line_height():
elif started:
:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Lopy

To make it scroll from down to up, you could try multiplying scroll_speed by -1.

To make it stop scrolling, you can set scroll_speed to 0.

To know when to have it stop scrolling, you can check that all is displayed, using rect_position.y, rect_size.y, and get_parent().rect_size.y.