How do I alter the size of a label within a BoxContainer

Godot Version

Version 4.2


I’m creating a character Sheet UI for a project, but i’m having no luck getting the various elements to line up correctly.

The goal is to have the Icons, Labels, Values, and Buttons line up horizontally. I feel as though i’m missing something obvious.

Since i can only use one screencap per post, This is the Node setup i’m currently using. All 8 stat blocks use an identical setup, and the CharacterStats Vbox is parented to the Scene root, which is a control Node.
Stats Block Issues 2

The issue does not seem to be the labels. The problem is that the icon is bigger than the StrengthButtons elements and they aren’t spaced correctly. Set the StrengthUp and StrengthDown buttons to expand vertically. Also, you may need to set the Up one to Shrink Begin and to Down one to Shrink End

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