How do I fix Godot crashed when I open godot in android/oppo? (Posted in 7:xx/8:xx/9:xx AM event)

Godot version

4.3.0 Dev 5 (upgraded from 4.3.0 Dev 3)

Android version

14 beta (before upgrading to 14 stable)


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I was upgraded from 4.3.0 Dev 3 to 4.3.0 Dev 5
And when I open godot, Godot has crashed :fearful::cold_sweat:

With crashed Godot message, if Juan and Ariel forgot to set non-crashed trigger to Godot, people think godot is require 144hz/165hz/240hz/360hz refresh rate :person_facepalming:

Juan and Ariel won’t let me going to Godot, can you fix this problem? :skull::moyai::clown_face:

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Me actualizaron de 4.3.0 Dev 3 a 4.3.0 Dev 5 Y cuando abro godot, Godot se ha bloqueado :fearful::cold_sweat:

Con el mensaje de Godot bloqueado, si Juan y Ariel olvidaron configurar el disparador no bloqueado para Godot, la gente piensa que Godot requiere una frecuencia de actualización de 144 hz/165 hz/240 hz/360 hz :person_facepalming:

Juan y Ariel no me dejan ir a Godot, ¿pueden solucionar este problema? :skull::moyai::clown_face:

Posted in 7:xx/8:xx/9:xx AM event has closed
But if this post won’t closed, I would confirm that our post won’t closed

The reeao’s next problem is gonna appeared
And we are finding you to re-solve my problem :moyai:

Thanks you for founding this post and solving our problem :white_check_mark:

before you run it on android, check if it can run no problem in the Editor/Runtime

WDYM? Our problem is crashed Godot app, not Godot game :person_facepalming:

I can’t do this solution, Godot “app” is crashed :smiling_face_with_tear::moyai:

i assume the game is running fine in godot Editor, then something has to do with how you build the android in the Export Settings

No, not Godot game has crashed, like this Godot crashed:

so it’s Godot Editor in APK

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Yes sir! I agree your agreement, do you?

mind that dev version is still not stable, so there’s a risk of something like this, you can report it as a bug

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But I always love unstable/dev version of godot :white_check_mark:

If unstable is crash checker, I gonna downgrade to stable version of godot :smiling_face_with_tear:

If unstable is make godot editor app crash, I gonna report our problem to Juan and Ariel :sunglasses::moyai:

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I think unstable make godot editor app crash, gonna downgrade to stable version of godot :white_check_mark::moyai::smiling_face_with_tear: