How do you move objects smoothly?

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I have a Projectile component that has speed, direction and stuff. However its type is Area2D and it has no velocity, so the way to move it is position += dir * speed;
but it happens that it moves incredibly fast, even with velocity = 1. I tried multiplying by delta, but in that case it stopped moving altogether. How else can I make this trough work?

rigidbody2d should be accurate

Is there any other way? I don’t want to rewrite the code and lengthen it by another 50 lines.

don’t think so, the object should not be too quick to have it looks smooth moving
else use shader?
i tried simulate tree leaves movement with process/tween, rigidbody, and shader
both shader and rigidbody has smooth movement
i dont know if you can do bullet movement with shader though, it will need separate thing, one of its image that move will be shader, and the other being usual sprite/area2d’s process movement

Well. I’ve been thinking. Weighed everything. I’ve made a decision. Let the code rewrite for the glory of RigidBody2D begin.